Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy

Have you made mistakes in the name on your flight tickets? Do you want to change your name on your flight tickets? But you are not aware of the name change policy. Then follow our article to know the entire process.

About the Airline

It is one of the ultra-low-cost aviation companies in the United States. It was founded in 1997. Travelers enjoy unparallel travel know-how and flexible amenities with the carrier. Receiving an incorrect name on the allegiant Air ticket. Here we will share all the mandatory details on Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy.


What about the professional solutions with Allegiant Airlines?

Several airlines do not offer a name change policy on air tickets. They will tell you to cancel your reservations. But in the case of Allegiant Airlines, it offers a professional guide to name change within Allegiant Name Change Policy on the air ticket. Even it offers various modes to its clients to change their name on their air tickets.

For a successful name change, passengers must submit required documents to the Airline.

What is the Allegiant Airline name change policy?

The revised guidelines indicate that the name change on flight reservations will depend on which kind of name change is applied to Airline. The name alterations on reservations are accepted if there is an official name change or misspelling of the traveler's name on the flight reservation.

Types of Name Correction Requests with Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines allows name changes or corrections to some extent on its flight tickets. It gives the liberty to customers to add or alter a suffix, prefix, last name, middle name, or any other legal considerations.

Allegiant explains that the name change or corrections on its reservations will depend on the type of name change as requested. This policy strictly prohibits the transfer of airline tickets to a person other than the ticketed passenger. If the customer is not sure if the name correction will be successful, then they are advised to cancel their flight using the “manage travel” option available on the official website.

Here are the different types of name changes or correction requests you can make with the airline.

Name Correction on Ticket

Passengers are allowed to correct up to four characters on the first name, middle name, or last name on the ticket. The request must be completed with Allegiant Airlines via the customer support phone number. They can also make name corrections online using the My Trip section on the official website. You need to pay the change fee plus any applicable fare difference.

Add/Alter/ Eliminate the Middle Name

In your passport or any government-issued photo ID includes the middle name, you can make suitable addition or alteration as appeared exactly in the document. You need to submit the ID document while making Allegiant Airlines ticket name changes. Passengers would need to pay the Allegiant Airlines flight change fee. Fare differences may apply.

Addition of the Title/Suffix/Prefix to the Ticketed Passenger’s Name

As per the Allegiant Air name change policy, you can add titles, suffixes, and prefixes to your ticketed name. The name correction fee will apply to the ticket. The tickets would be issued in a similar or higher cabin or class. You can also contact Allegiant Air’s customer care executive.

What are the name change rules on Allegiant Airlines Tickets?

Passengers can submit a name change request on Allegiant Airlines with up to four characters on their first, middle, or last name. There are some important rules to remember while making a name correction request with Allegiant Airlines

  • Reward Club members are not eligible to make name corrections on their flight tickets. Allegiant Airlines name change policy is not applicable here.
  • Passengers are not allowed to transfer the ticket to anyone in their known.
  • Once the name correction or change request is done, there will be a generation of a new set of flight tickets. Passengers may need to pay the fare difference between the old fare and the new fare.
  • Passengers can request the name correction only on the flights operated by Allegiant Airlines.
  • Most restricted fare rule will be applicable in case of multiple flight segments if you are processing a name change on your ticket booking.
  • Once the name modification request has been approved, you must choose the seats or any additional travel necessities.
  • Passengers must present their passport or photo ID for validation in cases of a legal name change to their married or maiden name, divorce, or when under any legal obligation.
  • The name change request would not be applicable on any flight segments other than those operated by Allegiant Air when a passenger is traveling on several flights, some of which may be operated by different airlines.

Please note that as per the Allegiant Airline name change policy, online modifications are only available for non-restricted fares.

What is the way to make requests for name correction on Allegiant Airlines reservations?

The Airline offers two ways to its customers to make a successful name change with, Allegiant Airlines. The correction rules depend on the Airline's caution and the type of name alternation you are requesting.

Name correction via offline

Most the people use internet facilities only for some actual reasons. But when matter becomes related to flight booking, they prefer to go with the airline authorities. It is because they don't want to face any scams or cheating.

Whenever you find a mistake in your name, immediately contact the Airline and inform them about the issue. The Airline attendant will ask you for your reservation number, so keep it with yourself at the priority level. Then tell them what kind of correction is needed, and they will solve your problem within time. Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy offers valid modes of name changes to its passenger.

Name correction via Online-

You can make a name change request via online communication. Let's see-

  1. Go through the addressed airline website.
  2. You will get the manage travel option on the website's official page, then click on it.
  3. Now using a different method, you can change your name on your airline ticket by mentioning your reservation number and correct spelling of your name.
  4. The name change is permitted only to some extent as per Allegiant Airlines Name Correction PolicyYou can not refer your ticket to another passenger.
  5. If you face trouble changing your name spelling, you can cancel and rebook your ticket with the correct details within the same section.
  6. You can make changes within 24-hours of booking; after it, you have to pay a certain fee to change your name on the ticket.

You can direct your approach toward the airport desk and request the name change; the representative will assist you and solve your issue. The best thing about Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy is that it makes all procedures convenient.

Name Change via Airport

If you have made an Allegiant Airlines booking and found a mistake in your name on the printed ticket, then you can trust the allegiant name change policy that allows you to make corrections in your printed name on the ticket before the scheduled departure of your flight. One of the most dependable ways to correct name is using the airport helpdesk.

You can visit a nearby airport to request name correction on the spot on your Allegiant Airlines flight booking.

This facility enables a customer to modify changes on the ticket before boarding. The Allegiant name correction request at the airport will be personally supervised by the airline’s executives. You can visit the nearby reservation counter and make requests for any modification or correction. Passengers seeking name correction need to submit legal documents supporting the name correction. Inform the executives about the reasons for which you want to make name corrections.

After you provide them with the relevant details about your request, the executives will look into this matter and do everything to solve your case. They might issue a new flight ticket in your name with the correct boarding pass. Confirm your details and pay a fee, if required.

Please remember to avoid last-minute name corrections at the airport at your request that might not go through on the spot. You are recommended to visit the airport at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.

Name Change Fees on Allegiant Airlines

You need to pay a name change fee as per Allegiant Airlines name change policy. Here are the charges related to the name change –

  • Name correction of up to 4 letters will be charged $25 plus the difference in airfare.
  • Middle name correction will be charged $25 plus the difference in airfare.
  • Adding the prefix/suffix/prefix will be charged $75 plus the difference in airfare.

Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy

Q. How can I change the name on my allegiant ticket?

Ans. Allegiant Airlines allows an eligible one to change the name on an Allegiant Airlines ticket subject to some regulations. You are allowed to do so after your reservation or at the time of booking. Various online and offline options can be applied for initiating a name change.

Q. Can you modify the passenger’s name on Allegiant Air?

Ans. You will get an online option to change the name on this carrier. Allegiant Airlines due to various factors can make errors in this particular detail of the passenger. Passengers can use the allegiant change passenger name option to make all the necessary modifications to your information. Also, visit the official site of the airline.

Q. Can I change the name on Allegiant Air?

Ans. Yes, you can change the name /corrections on this airline, for this visit to the main site. Sign in to the site and go to the “My Trip” section to modify the name. Alternatively, you can connect with the customer care agents. Either via a phone call or email. Also, you can visit the airport where you can request name corrections directly.

Q. How much are the fees for changing the name on Allegiant Air tickets?

Ans. Allegiant Airlines doesn’t charge for minor allegiant change name on the ticket. However, this depends on the time after the booking. if there is any major change can demand, then you pay nearly $75. Allegiant Airlines charges fees that alter or become high as per the airline.