Guide For Allegiant AirLines Seat Selection & Assignment Policy

Traveling to your favorite can be more fun if you get the seat you desire. The Allegiant airline is one such airline that is offering a great deal for booking your seat in advance. The American ultra-low-cost airline allows you to make a reservation with Allegiant Air by changing the seat according to your choice.

In addition, you can get the seat selection facility which is for every passenger. So, guys select a seat on Allegiant Air on their own using Allegiant Airlines Seat Selection Policy as per their choice and comfort.

The overall process is a very simple process. This article is for those who want to know how to select a seat at Allegiant Air with Allegiant Airlines Seat Assignment Policy or how to check the seat allotted. So, read the steps below mentioned in detail:

What is the Allegiant Air seat selection policy?

  1. Allegiant airlines serve a facility for its customers to select the seat of their own choice.
  2. If you want to sit next to your friend or family member while traveling, so, now you can select the seat as per your desire. This has to be done before making a reservation.
  3. Some seat selection fee is to be paid by a passenger for selecting the seat of their choice.
  4. According to police, passenger always has the choice to change the seat which is assigned by the system.
  5. He/she cannot change their seat assignment an hour before the departure.
  6. Moreover, you cannot change your seat, once a passenger has been allotted a boarding pass.
  7. In addition, Allegiant Airlines offers a choice to the passengers to change their seats either online or offline.

Know here How to book Allegiant Airlines Group Travel if you are traveling in a group with your friends or family.


How Do I Choice My Seat on Allegiant Air?

  • For this, you need to open the official website of Allegiant Air.
  • Login to your Allegiant Air account.
  • Click on the "book ticket" option and enter the journey date.
  • Here, check whether the seat is available; in case it is, then selects the ticket and make a reservation.

Ways to Check Your Seats on an Allegiant Flight

  1. Firstly, visit Allegiant Air online ( you need to log in 24 hours to 45 minutes before your scheduled flight. Click over the "My Allegiant" label at the top of the page.
  2. Now, Access the online tool by giving your details. Enter your name, address, email, and other required information. After this, you have to choose a log-in name and password.
  3. Now, get your Login with your name and password. Move your cursor to the tab that reads, "Check In." and mention the reservation information. From here, you can review the seating chart to find your seat assignment.
  4. If you find the selected seat assignment during the ticket purchase process, you have to now verify that you have the requested seat. However, if your seating says, "Not Assigned," then, you have to complete the check-in process to receive your seat assignment.
  5. Get it Print! Your boarding passes and takes them to the airport. You must arrive two hours before the flight is scheduled to leave. Check your bags and pass-through security.

How to select seats on Allegiant Air?

  1. Follow these steps to select the seat:
  2. select a seat on Allegiant Air by visiting the official website of Allegiant Air.
  3. Sign in to your Allegiant Air account.
  4. Go to the "book ticket" option and enter the journey date.
  5. select the ticket and make a reservation with your favorite seat.

So, guys try your luck, if not, then book your desired seat while traveling with Allegiant Airlines to your favorite destination!

Allegiant AirLines Seat Selection Policy

Q. Do Allegiant airlines offer to buy a seat or will I be assigned a seat?

Ans. Yes, in both cases, the choice is yours. The Allegiant airlines flights feature comfortable, with assigned leather seats. With a nominal fee, you can select your seat at the time of reservation. You will be guaranteed comfort and location onboard your flight. in case, if you're traveling with a companion, and want to sit together, then you can book a seat. You can even book an exit row with increased leg room, as per your choice.

Q. How can I be guaranteed that I and my family will be seated together?

Ans. Allegiant airlines make every effort to provide seats with your family. for this, we recommend reserving seats in advance. You can book seats to accommodate families, if not, we cannot guarantee the availability of seats together.

Q. How can I book seats?

Ans. With a nominal fee, you can reserve a seat when you make your reservation or by visiting Manage Travel or downloading the App at any time up until you print or download your boarding passes for your flight. however, according to FAA safety regulations, the exit row seating is not available to families with children under 15 years of age and/or travelers with special service requests.

Q. What If I do not select to reserve a seat?

Ans. During the check-in, whether online, via the Allegiant App, or at the airport, the system will assign you a seat from the remaining available seats on the plane. Visit the airport as the online check-in is available starting 24 hours before flight departure. during the check-in online, you can view your assigned seats. You can change your seat, by visiting Manage Travel and reserve a different seat for your flight.