5 Things to do in Anchorage


If not been to Anchorage, make a trip here. The city is an amazing urban city packed with
magnificent scenery, adventurous activities, cultural demonstrations, and wildlife viewing.
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1. Whittier, Seward, or Portage

You can visit this amazing site which has three spots to board a boat. You can marvel at
glaciers from the water on a day trip from Anchorage. Adore this awe-inspiring tidewater
glacier that meets the waters of Prince William Sound. You can find a lot of hanging glaciers
nestle in the towering peaks. Capture them all through your eyes on an afternoon cruise
leaving from the small town of Whittier. The cruise will take you on a ride for an hour and a
15-minute drive south of Anchorage.

2. Drive to the Matanuska Glacier

This site is just 2.5 hours from Anchorage. Come to the 4-mile-wide face of the great
Matanuska Glacier allures a day full of adventure. You can enjoy here climbing the ice
or going rafting the river or flying through the air on Alaska’s fastest zip line. You can drive
along the scenic Glenn Highway from Anchorage to Mile 101. Also, this site allows you to
stretch your legs and take photos at the Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site. Watch out
for the amazing quiet one-mile Edge Nature Trail winding through a boreal forest. This leads
to viewing platforms. Enjoy food and another view at a nearby lodge/restaurant.
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3. Fly-In Bear Viewing

This is one of the most amazing day trips you can get from Anchorage. Visit this site across
Cook Inlet to areas where you can find huge brown bears. Bears assemble to fatten up for
winter on Alaska’s wild and robust salmon runs. You can find them so focused on this task
that they pay humans no mind. Adore them to fish, play, and train cubs in their natural wild
habitat. You can also have time for a nice dinner out in Anchorage! This site in the city offers
the most thrilling day with a scenic flight on a classic Alaska floatplane or wheeled plane.
Also, enjoy the Lake Clark National Park or visit the Katmai National Park, with views of
braided rivers, glaciers, volcanoes, and possible wildlife.

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