what to enjoy in nevada this vacation

You have heard about Las Vegas a million times, no? Then you should know about Nevada too. It is
a well-known state in the Western region of the United States and is an excellent location to plan a
small family vacation. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or simply want to get away
from your everyday hectic routine, the state will simply take your soul away!

If you are looking forward to completing your travel fantasy and living the dream you want, then
here are some things you can enjoy in this beautiful state. Allegiant Air is offering low-cost flights to
Nevada’s Las Vegas airport. You can book the shortest Allegiant Airlines routes for your trip and get
the best vacation packages from the airline.

This wonderful state has everything you’d ever imagine, eccentric museums, historical landmarks,
amazing outdoor attractions, high-end shopping venues, bustling markets, top-notch restaurants, and
much more. Just keep your eye on your favourite thing and you just have it.

Explore Las Vegas

What you know about Las Vegas is partially true! Sin City is famous for its lavish casinos and world-
class resorts, but it also features amazing theatres, kid-friendly theme parks, beautiful gardens, and
everything a family wants to have. Most visitors travel here to see the city and enjoy this iconic
stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Here you’ll find world-class resorts including The Venetian, Mirage, Wynn Las Vegas, The
Cromwell, The Bellagio, and Caesar’s Palace. When lighted up at night, The Strip is one of the
brightest places on Earth when seen from orbit.

Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas is a must-see attraction. Witness a curtain of LED lights is
draped over the light show in the evening.

Enjoy Reno’s Scenic Stretch

Whitewater rapids can be found in a few locations that are visible from city skyscrapers. On both
sides of the Truckee River, a magnificent system of paved pathways connects with pedestrian bridges
spanning the river. There are eight city parks that surround the beach.

The Riverwalk District, a collection of more than 60 restaurants, stores, and other downtown tenants
dedicated to increasing foot traffic in Reno, is only a few steps away. There is affordable city
parking along this road.

During the summer, visitors can swim, raft, and kayak with on-site rentals. Beginners and families
can enjoy the Class 2–3 rapids.

Magnificent Lake Tahoe

With its turquoise blue water and snow-covered slopes, Lake Tahoe offers one of Nevada’s most
magnificent sights. This 22-mile-long freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the Nevada-California border is a popular year-round resort.

The majority of visitors come here in the summer to relax on the beautiful beaches, climb some of
the area’s fantastic hiking trails, or camp at one of the many campgrounds. Families and powder
hunters from all over the country go to Lake Tahoe in the winter to hit the slopes. If you have made
up your mind about an excellent vacation, then check out the shortest Allegiant Airlines routes for
your trip.

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